What you cannot see is as important as what you can see.

At Juniper Landing, the quality begins with the developer’s commitment to quality construction. Below is a list of some facts that may be of interest.

  • Superior blown-in Batt Exterior Wall Insulation R-23 Value, R-19 is minimum required by code.
  • Sound Insulation Package Installed in bath walls, interior floors and drain lines. This is not required by code.
  • Rebar reinforced concrete slabs that help minimize cracking. This is not required by code.
  • Premium rubber window wrap for air and water tight installation.
  • Premium Attic Ventilation for maximum attic ventilation and reduction of ice damming.
  • Windsor Pinnacle Windows that offer a superior High performance glass that will keep you cooler in the summer and reduce fading of furniture.
  • High Efficiency furnaces for better performance and to reduce your gas bills. This is above what is required by code.
  • Hot Water Recirculation system No waiting minutes for hot water and wasting this precious commodity.
  • Pre-wired for audio in each unit for in-wall speakers and expandability of your home audio system.
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