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Hidden Features at Juniper Landing


Hidden Features at Juniper Landing

At Juniper Landing, each new residence presents an artful blend of style, texture and natural elements, hand-selected for your mountain lifestyle. It is not only the the features that you see, but the features that you don’t see, that truly set us apart from the rest.

  • Blown in batt insulation, not typical batt insulation.  This is a superior insulation giving the exterior walls an R-23 value, not an R-19 as required by code.
  • Sound insulation.  We include a sound insulation package that will substantially reduce noise transmittance with in your unit.  We install sound insulation at bath walls, interior floors and drain lines.  This is not required by code.
  • Rebar in concrete slabs.  We install a 2’x2’ matt of ½” reinforcing bar to all for our concrete slabs.  This will help minimize cracking and eliminate displacement should a crack occur.  This is not required by code.
  • Premium rubber window wrap.  We use the best window wrap available and we silicone caulk all your windows in place to ensure the least amount of water and / or air infiltration.
  • Boston Ridge Ventilation.  Each building is built with a functioning raised ridge vent for maximum attic ventilation.  This, along with double soffit vents, will provide a maximum air flow in your attic space and reduce any ice damming which can cause damage to the building.  It also reduces the chance of condensation, something typically seen in cathedral ceiling applications.
  • Windsor Pinnacle Windows.  We use this brand of windows because they come with a superior. High performance glass.  Windsor windows use a Cardinal Sun 366 glass which has a very high shading coefficient.  This will keep you cooler in the summer and reduce fading of furniture.
  • Furnaces.  We install high efficiency furnaces for better performance and to reduce your gas bills.  This is above what is required by code.
  • Hot Water Recirculation.  We install a hot water recirculation system so you are not waiting minutes for hot water and wasting this precious commodity.
  • Pre wired for audio.  Each unit is prewired for in wall speakers and has the ability to expand your home audio needs.

Come See All the Great Features Juniper Landing has to Offer.

Residences starting at $825,000.

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